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Monday, April 30, 2012

Designing a fragrance for Module7S

When Phuc and Viviana came to present their concept of Module7S it was obvious that the perfume should be fresh, light, feminine and comfortable.

Phuc was thinking of hoa buoi, a Vietnamese scent used mainly in banh com, the green sweet rice wedding cake. Viviana is in love with roses.

To evocate Hoa Buoi's delicate, soft, floral scent I chose to use a very close orange blossom, called neroli.

Neroli, rose and a pinch of jasmine offer their elegance and femininity to the scent.

I brought freshness and joy with winter bergamot and orange.

To make the perfume more sensual I added benjoin, precious ambret and agarwood as a fixative.

The result is in a little signature bag that softly infuses the brand bringing you happiness and confidence while wearing your dress.