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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Des roses pour les fetes

Des roses pour les fetes
Celebrate with Roses
Hoa Hong cho Tet

For the festive season, Perfume your house with the communelle 2012 : a bunch of Roses.
What is a communelle?
 Communelle is traditionnally in old French perfumery the name given to a blend of different essential oils coming from different areas.
Dame Clemence Communelle 2012 comes from the idea I got last year when I created the "Tet in hanoi" with orange dominant scent. Actually by testing, trying, Research Development, I have in my lab a lot of bottles full of essential oil blends that I did during the year and that I can not use for different reasons. I feel so bad to throw them away, for affective and environmental reasons. So I decided I would mix all of them and see what the scent will come. Then I work with this scent to make a new perfume, adjust the facets with different essential oils. Last year I made so many experiment with roses, that Roses is coming out of the  blend for 2012.
Dame Clemence celebrates 2012 and the year of the dragon with Roses !
Inspiration comes from the flower market in Hanoi and the streets vendors with their bicycle full of flowers. Hidden charms of Hanoi. I love it!
Des roses pour les fetes is in 30 ml spray bottles, or in 100 ml (170 000 VND)  bottles for rattan sticks (350 000 VND)